IELTS Speaking的考古題,大方向是一樣的,但每次考同一個題目時,都會有某種程度上的變化,所以如果不認真聽考官的問題,只聽到weekend這個字就開始瘋狂的談論你上週做了什麼,是可能被考官認為你答非所問而低分的。 



基本上,考官們並不在乎問所有同學同樣的題目,因為「戲法人人會變,巧妙各有不同」。光 ”Where do you live?” 這種一坐下來就可能被立刻問到的問題,他們也能夠馬上聽出誰的英文有8分,而誰只值得拿4分。

4分的人永遠都會用單字回答:Taipei. 或Xin Dian這種的。


8分的人可能會說:I live in Xin Yi District, quite close to Da an Park. I just moved in to this flat last August. (但也不要整個台北市人口有多少,座落在台灣的東北方,是台灣的直轄市這種八股的東西全都背出...)


同學們請多多利用這些考古題在家或找補習班裏「反應快」跟「點子多」的夥伴們練習。Practice makes perfect咩!實在想不出答案的同學,志向考高分的同學,或是想練習一口英國腔的同學,可以點這裹參考我有提供什麼課程。沒辦法到台北的同學也可以跟我一個紐西蘭朋友上Skype一對一,這是他的網站


PS. 以下這些資訊的來源全是我的學生從考場直播的或是聽他們的同學朋友們說的(感謝大家的貢獻)。但因為很多資訊來源不全,或是英文錯誤極多無法辨識,我已經盡量幫大家修正成我理解的樣子,也已經比我看過的其他網站更齊全及正確了,但若同鞋還是發現錯誤也請多賜教!畢竟這些題目的重點是被問了些什麼,不是提供完美的英文給大家。


Part 1
What’s your full name? / How do you want me to call you? / Can I have your name please?

Are you a student or do you work?

Student → What’s your major?
     Do you like your major?

Work → What do you do? / Describe your job.
     Why did you choose this job?
     Do you like your job? / Why (not)?
     Did you need special training for this job?

Unemployed → What was your previous job?
     What would you like to do?
     Would you want to run your own business?

Where do you live?
Describe where you live.
Is it a house or an apartment?
Do you like where you live? / Would you recommend people to live there?

Where’s your hometown?
What’s the best thing in your city/hometown?
What can be improved in your city/hometown?
Where would you suggest people to visit?
Is your hometown a good place for young people?

Do you know your neighbours? How old are they?
What can neighbours do for each other?


Do you use maps?

What kind of maps? Electronic maps or paper maps? Why?

When do you use maps?

Have you learned to use maps?

Have you asked people for directions?


How many pairs of shoes do you have?

What kind of shoes do you buy? Comfortable ones or good-looking ones?

How do you choose shoes?



Do you read the newspaper?
Which section do you like to read?
Do you think it’s important to follow news?
Do people watch more international news or local news?


Can you swim? Did you learn how to swim? When?
Do you think children should all learn swimming?

Do you like animals?
What kind of animals do people like in this country?
Some places don’t allow animals. Do you think it’s right?

Are there many parks in Taipei?
What can people do in the park?

Do you have many close friends?
How often do you see each other?
What do you do with your friends?
What are your criteria when choosing a friend? / What’s your definition of a real friend?

What do you usually do on the weekend?
What did you do last weekend? / What are you going to do next weekend?
Do you like weekends in childhood or weekend now?

How often do you use the computer?
What do you use it for?

The Internet
What would happen if there was no Internet?
Do you do online shopping?
Do you always believe the information people post on their websites?

Do you still write letters?
Do you think email will ever replace letters?
Who writes letters nowadays?
What kind of letters do people receive?


What’s the typical weather in Taiwan?
What kind of weather do you like the most? / Where do you want to live? / Why?
Do you pay attention to weather forecast?

What kind of house do you want to live in?

Do you like fashion?
Do you buy designer label products?

Do you like reading?
What kind of books/magazines do you like to read?
What can you learn from reading books/magazines?
Have you bought books for your friends (as a gift)?

What kind of sounds do you like to hear? / Why?
What sounds/noise do you hate?
How do you feel when you hear noise?

Meeting people
Do you like to meet new people?
Where can you meet new people?
Do you think the Internet is a good place to make new friends?

How many languages do you speak? / What are they?
Which is more difficult? Chinese or English?
Do you think it’s important to learn a foreign language? / Why (not)?
What are the benefits of learning a foreign language?

Business Locations
Do you think locations can affect businesses?
In your opinion, what is a good business location?


How do you spend your birthday?
Who do you prefer to spend your birthday with?
What do you do?

Do you like children?
What kind of child were you like when you were young?
Did your parents force you to learn anything when you were young?

Computer Games
Do you play computer games?
What kind of games do you like to play?
Do you like outdoor/indoor games?
Do Taiwanese people like to play computer games?

Do you have a car?
Do you have a driver’s licence?
What do you think about driving leisure? (很多人把leisure聽成licence! 注意!)
Do you prefer to be the driver or the passenger?

How many schools have you been to?
Which is your favourite?
Did your parents choose your schools for you?

Cell Phones
How often do you use your cell/mobile phones?
Do you prefer to text people or call them?
Do you think technology will become more important in the future?

Do you like to take pictures?
Is it popular for people to take pictures?
What kind of pictures do you like?


What do you like to eat?
What kind of food is popular in this country?
What did you like to eat when you were a child?

Have you taken any dance lessons/classes?
Do you like to watch people dance?
Do you think dancing is good?

What is your favourite colour? / Why?
Do you wear this colour?

How do Taiwanese people choose their names?
Who gives their children/other people names?

Shopping/Online Shopping
Do you like shopping/online shopping?
What do you buy?
Where do you go shopping?
When was the last time you went shopping?

Free Time
What do you do in your free time?
Do you like to spend your free time alone or with friends?

Do you watch TV?
How much time do you spend watching TV?
What kind of programmes do you watch?

Do you like flowers?
What kind of flowers do you like? / Why?
When do you/Taiwanese people buy flowers?


Have you been abroad? Do you like travelling?
How many countries have you been to?
Where do you like to go?
What do you do when you go travelling?
What do you think about air travel?
How long was your last holiday?

National Holidays
What’s your favourite national holiday? / Why?
Is Chinese New Year important to you/Taiwanese people?
What did you do last Chinese New Year?

Do you collect anything? / Why?
What do people usually collect?
Why do people collect things?

What do you like to wear?
Do you wear different clothing on different occasions?

Sports/Outdoor Activities
Do you like sports? / What sports do you like?
What sports/outdoor activities do Taiwanese people like?
How often do you play (tennis)? / Where do you play (tennis)?

Do you like to go to the beach? / Where?
What can you do on the beach?

Are there many advertisements in Taiwan?
What kind of advertisements do you like/dislike?

Do you like cooking? / Can you cook?
Who cooks in your house?

Part 2

1. Describe someone whom you’ve lived with.
2. Describe a friend whom you admire.
3. Describe an old man you know.
4. Describe a program or a radio presenter.
5. Describe a Chinese artist.
6. Describe a foreign artist/celebrity.
7. Describe a person who visited you.
8. Describe a person whom you visited.
9. Describe a person who has influenced you.
10. Describe an intelligent person you know.
11. Describe a teacher in your (middle/high) school/university (who you like to keep in touch with).
12. Describe a family member you spend the most time with.
13. Describe someone who has helped you.
14. Describe a family apart from yours.
95. Describe someone who you would like to meet if you had the opportunity.
102. Describe someone you like to travel with.
103. Describe a friend who can be a leader.
107. Describe a neighbour.
109. Describe a good student you know/you want to study with.
113. Describe a leader you admire (political, sports leaders).
123. Describe someone who taught you a useful skill.
127. Describe someone on news that you like to meet.

15. Describe a small shop (you often go to).
16. Describe a restaurant/place where you often have lunch.
17. Describe a shopping centre.
18. Describe a historical site you’ve been to.
19. Describe a modern building.
20. Describe a childhood school.
21. Describe a place you visited.
22. Describe a museum you’ve been to.
23. Describe a library.
24. Describe a park or a garden.
25. Describe a place near water.
26. Describe a tourist spot/attraction in your country.

27. Describe an outdoor place for doing sports/exercises.
28. Describe a city you’ve lived in or a city you’re living in now.
29. Describe a country/place you hope to travel to.
87. Describe your ideal house/Describe a house you like to live in.
91. Describe a room that you liked when you were a child.
92. Describe a noisy place you’ve been to.
97. Describe a place the general public can go.
101. Describe a peaceful place you’ve been to.
106. Describe a place with open air which makes you feel relaxed.
115. Describe an interesting shop.

31. Describe a piece of music.
32. Describe a type of music that is popular in your country.
33. Describe a childhood song.
96. Describe a song that reminds you of something.

School Courses/Subjects
34. Describe your favourite course/subject in high school.
35. Describe a science class.
122. Describe a subject that you think would be interesting.

36. Describe a story of a well-known person in your country.
37. Describe a news story that made you happy.
38. Describe a well-known story from your country.
39. Describe a television programme you watched but disliked.
40. Describe a movie you watched lately.

41. Describe your last weekend.
42. Describe a long journey/travel/trip.
43. Describe a holiday that turned out to be different from what you planned.
44. Describe a group activity you attended in college.
45. Describe a hobby (you had in your childhood).
46. Describe a healthy leisure activity/a healthy lifestyle you would recommend.
47. Describe a walk (with a friend).
48. Describe a public event you’ve attended. (sports / regional / political)
49. Describe a picnic.
90. Describe an occasion where you were late.
98. Describe an outdoor activity.
99. Describe a successful thing you did.
104. Describe a family event.
105. Describe an event and your role in it.
116. Describe a group activity you’ve been to.
119. Describe a childhood journey.
121. Describe a wedding you’ve been to.

50. Describe your favourite sport(s)/Describe a sport you’d like to pick up.
51. Describe a sport you would love to be good at.
52. Describe a dangerous sport.
126. Describe a sports event you’ve been involved.

53. Describe an experience of being stuck in a traffic jam.
54. Describe something that made you happy lately.
55. Describe some good news you heard from the phone.
82. Describe a naughty thing you did as a child.
93. Describe a time when you helped someone.

56. Describe a change you’d like to make in the future.
57. Describe a(n) change/improvement in your hometown.
58. Describe something that is changing quickly in your hometown.
59. Describe a success in your life.
60. Describe an important stage in your life.

61. Describe an object you made by yourself.
62. Describe something you bought but seldom use.
63. Describe an equipment which you often use at home or work place except the computer.
64. Describe an old thing your family keeps.
65. Describe an electronic device.

66. Describe a toy you had when you were a child.
67. Describe something you lost.
68. Describe a special meal.
69. Describe a letter or a card you’ve received.
70. Describe a piece of useful advice you’ve received.
71. Describe a job that you think is interesting/ideal.
72. Describe an advertisement.
73. Describe a performance you watched.
74. Describe a book you read.
75. Describe an article you read.
76. Describe your favourite season.
77. Describe a wild animal.
78. Describe a(n) interesting/good/new law.
79. Describe an interesting speech.
80. Describe an impressive conversation/a conversation you had with your friend.
81. Describe a useful website.
83. Describe a famous company you know.
84. Describe a small but successful company you know.
85. Describe something that broke down in your house.
86. Describe an expensive object you bought/you want to buy.
88. Describe a (family) photograph of yourself that you like/Describe a photograph you took.
89. Describe a successful company you know.
94. Describe a foreign food you like to try.
100. Describe a family photo.
108. Describe an interesting skill that you have.
110. Describe a vehicle you want to buy.
111. Describe a piece of news that interested you.
112. Describe something you’re interested in and like to learn more about it.
114. Describe a job that you’re interested in. (What skills/experience/ability you need)
117. Describe a small business you’d like to run.
118. Describe a piece of furniture.
120. Describe a book you’d read again.
124. Describe something interesting that you’d like to do in the future.
125. Describe a different culture.
128. Describe the bad weather that you’ve experienced.
129. Describe a newspaper or magazine you read.
130. Describe a part of your personality that you think it’s good.



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